Special Help You Can Get
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Many students inquire about the scientific method. This site will provide you with the best help in non-technical language.

History of the Scientific Method

The scientific method and scientific method are essentially the same. Various authors use different terms. My page on Scientific Method History in the Introductory Section of this site will help you. Then throughout the site are details of its development.

Steps of the Scientific Method

Introductory page “Steps of the Scientific Method – Explanation” will answer some of your questions. For those interested in a specific number of steps, see Research Report #3, Scientific Method Steps – Questions About Specific Numbers of Steps.

For actual formulas of various numbers of steps, see Research Report #11, Steps of the Scientific Method – Model Formulas from the Literature. Best of all are the pages of the 48-page booklet The Scientific Method Today. There are two pages on each step or stage of the scientific method, giving you detailed information about each one.

What Is the Scientific Method?

This site answers this important question. See my Introductory Pages “What Is the Scientific Method?” The first pages of the 48-page booklet will also provide some basic information about the scientific method. Then other pages on this site all provide details about the scientific method.

Science Projects Using the Scientific Method

Follow the steps or stages of SM-14 explained on this site in working on your projects using the scientific method. The scientific method lessons presented here are the best available today and will help you to produce an award-winning entry.

Using the Scientific Method – Apply It in Selecting Your Career

Here is a great idea for you. Use the worksheets in the PDF file and the information on See the Brief “A Model for Career Decision Making” on that site.

The Scientific Method of Inquiry or Science as Inquiry

Science as inquiry is the way science is often taught today. But remember that centuries of research have shown that of all the methods of inquiry the scientific method is best for producing reliable knowledge. SM-14 is the best model to follow in researching the natural sciences and all other fields. Students should study the material on this site.