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Clearly explains decision making in non-technical language to improve your decision making skills and decision making techniques. The formula of steps or stages is based on the scientific method of problem solving

The economic crisis of 2008 could have been prevented. Shows for the first time anywhere an idea for a Housing Bubble Warning Indicator Report for the Public to be issued early and often in the formation of a home price bubble. Other important ideas about the crisis are explained

The home page for problemsolving.net explains that this site presents the best problem solving method ever devised as it is based on the scientific method. The steps of problem solving are included. The method covers problem solving and decision making. It provides certified reliable free problem solving knowledge that is the best available anywhere. Calls attention to Nobel Laureate Herbert Simon?s statement that no foundation makes its major focus decision making and problem solving.

HomeSchooling-ProblemSolving.com by Norman Edmund. The scientific method is not being adequately taught in our public and private schools. In addition, it is probably not included to any extent in programs available to homeschoolers. Home Schoolers have the opportunity and obligation to get ahead of others and teach it to their children.