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Established 1997 – Latest Update December 2011
Compiled and Written by Norman W. Edmund

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Scientific Method Activities

This website contains today’s most up-to-date, complete, clear, concise, and reliable information about the scientific method and scientific method activities that has ever been offered.

It covers history of the scientific method, development of the scientific method, definition of scientific method, and scientific method activities. It explains about the steps of the scientific method and gives an assortment of formulas containing from 4 to 10 steps for the scientific method. But best of all, well researched detailed descriptions of the eleven steps or stages of the scientific method are included.

This model formula is suitable for lesson plans on the scientific method, and study and teaching of the scientific method. Scientific method worksheets are included and greatly aid using the scientific method of inquiry.

In addition to the 48-page booklet on The Scientific Method Today, there are research reports on vital topics concerning the scientific method.

Scientific Method Worksheets – PDF format

Don’t fail to download these! They are one of the greatest aids to the use of the scientific method ever developed. There is a one-page (8˝ x 11 inches) short form and an easier to use two-page form.

I Applied My Past Experience in Abstracting Basic Principles of the Scientific Method and to Answer the Question What Is the Scientific Method?

In my 35-year career of founding and expanding Edmund Scientific Co., my big job was abstracting basic principles of operation and of new products. In my retirement career during the past 19 years, I’ve zeroed in on the scientific method. I have purchased more than 3,000 books; read professional journals, internet websites, and reports; and set up extensive files. I have investigated the subject day and night, and considered all claims for and against the scientific method.

Here is a comment about my first career from the famous astronomer Carl Sagan from a letter to me dated November 2, 1992:

“Thanks for your recent letter. I am a longtime admirer of your efforts to make science accessible to the general public. I look forward to reading the material you sent. Meanwhile, enclosed is an article . . . one of several in which I have discussed the scientific method.”

Here is a comment made by Dr. W.I.B. Beveridge, author of The Art of Scientific Investigation (1957) and Seeds of Discovery (1980), on my second career efforts to promote the teaching of the SM-14 model formula:

“Your proposal to teach SM-14 not only to young scientists but also as part of general education is excellent, and I wish you success.”

You Benefit from All This Research About the Scientific Method

You should take advantage of all the free reliable knowledge presented here, especially since the scientific method has not been adequately taught in our schools. I explain why in my other reports.

Scientific Method for Kids, Children, and Students

Scientific method for elementary, middle, and high school students is covered. It explains most questions students might have about the scientific method. It is written in non-technical language that is easy to understand. The many questions students have about the steps in the scientific method are clearly answered.

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To promote the use and teaching of the scientific method of problem solving and decision making and to improve good judgment, I proclaim my writing to be in the public domain. Please link your site to this one to improve the nation’s research problem solving, decision making, and good judgment. This will help prevent unnecessary wars and other major decision making errors in business, politics, society, and personal lives. For more information, contact me at nwe(at)

. . . The Greatest Idea of All Time!

Praise Earned by the Scientific Method . . .
“It has often been said that the greatest discovery in science was the discovery of the scientific method of discovery.”

--Dr. James K. Feibleman, author of Scientific Method (1972)

“The greatest invention of the nineteenth century was the invention of the method of invention.”

--A.N. Whitehead (1926)

Just as the scientific method has brought such great benefits to society, using the scientific method can do great things for you too. Remember that the SM-14 model formula contains the complete steps of the scientific method. Good luck – get started today. Some help in doing so follows.

                                                                                                Norman W. Edmund