Some Ways to Be Innovative & Creative
in the Creative Economy

Scientific Method Lesson

It is being increasingly realized that innovation and creativity are very important in the creative economy that exists today. Here I show how an individual can be more creative by following a program of triggering the mind to improve the use of the scientific method.
The Thinker
Just reflective thinking
8 hours produce 2 good ideas
(1 for each 4 hours)
Group Brainstorming
In a 2-hour session with
4 people, 8 good ideas are produced
(4 for each 4 hours)
S earch
E xplore
A lternative Ideas
G ather Evidence
E valuate
E ducated Guess

8 hours produce
16 good ideas
(8 for each 4 hours)
Be More Productive—Trigger Your Mind
    • Read, skip and skim publications, search the internet to find existing ideas that can be used “as is” or can be adapted to your needs.
    • Find articles, opinions, news and advertisements that stimulate or trigger reflective thinking, imagination, illumination, gradual insight or long-term memory as well as working memory. This produces new ideas, concepts, leads or clues.
    • Use library, subject files, telephone, fax machine, computer and discussions with others. Have a continuous learning program.

“You learn to solve problems by solving a large number of problems.”