Introduction to the 2008 Edition of

The Scientific Method Today

What This Booklet Can Do For You


Greatly Improve Your Personal Life

Live your life to the fullest by improving your problem solving and decision making skills. Donít depend on chance for how you live. Plan for happiness and purpose in your life. Study this booklet about the scientific method to improve your opportunities for a great personal life.


Have a Much More Successful Career

Report after report states that employers are looking for people with good problem solving and decision making skills. They are also essential for self-employed individuals. Our educational system has not done a very good job of teaching the scientific method, so there is a great opportunity for you to beat your competition by learning and practicing the material presented here. Use the scientific method to pick you career. See specific advice on my website www.decisionmaking.org.


Improve Your Personal Attributes and Thinking Skills

None of the above will be possible without good personal attributes and thinking skills. So be sure to study Supporting Ingredient 14 of the scientific method (SM-14).

Good Luck in Your Endeavors
Norman W. Edmund